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If you haven’t been introduced to teachillinois.com here is what it’s all about:

TeachIllinois is a brand new, 100% online, center for educator professional development.  Educators can either self-register, or districts can bulk register their staffs.  Upon completion of the material, learners will complete the ISBE Seminar Evaluation Form, after which, the official ISBE Evidence of Completion form will be made available. All e-learning courses are currently free, although on Friday, May 12, TeachIllinois will start charging a nominal, per PD hour fee.  New content is added weekly, and we welcome suggestions for future courses.  Our e-learning platform is robust enough that a PD provider (such as a District) could subscribe and create their own ‘channel’.

For questions, please contact Matt Weld, Director of the Area 5 Learning Technology Center: mweld@ltcillinois.org.

Note: If you happened to miss the “STEM, The Illinois Math & Science Grant and How Science Became Cooler than Recess” presentation (which was presented at Granite City High School on March 29th), here’s your chance to view it in its entirety and get an hour of PD. Just create an account, log in and enjoy!

Important ISBE Change For Retirees with Lapsed Licenses

Through December 31, 2017: Any licensee who has retired, and whose license has lapsed for failure to renew, may reinstate that license without penalty by providing proof of retirement from a state retirement system to the State Board of Education through December 31, 2017. Individuals must submit a copy of a letter from a state retirement system (on official agency letterhead) confirming the individual’s retirement. The licensee’s name, IEIN, and date of birth must be included with the letter. Upon verification that the licensee is not working in a position requiring a professional educator license, the educator’s license will be reinstated.
The verification letter will be used in lieu of a $500 penalty fee or 9 semester hours of coursework.  Educators will not need to input any owed PD, and will not need to pay back or forward registration fees.
Letters may be emailed to renewal@isbe.net or mailed to the Illinois State Board of Education at Educator Effectiveness Division, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL, 62777.
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Mind/Shift: How Can Schools Prioritize for the Best Ways Kids Learn?

The education world is full of incremental change — the slow process of individuals learning about new strategies and approaches, trying them out, improving on their skills, and hopefully sharing their learning with colleagues to continue growth. While that process is necessary and good, if the changes to education are all in the service of doing the same thing better, they may be missing the point. The world has changed since education became compulsory and the current moment necessitates an education system that isn’t just better, but different.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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Schools: What’s the Real Problem?

From Robert Schuetz’s “Knocking the Arrow” blog:

During a recent leadership meeting, a respected, but frequently vocal colleague began venting his frustration about a few of the problems he perceived in our school; apathetic students, lack of consistency, lack of respect, and poor achievement. I looked around at the faces in the conference room wondering if others agreed with this assessment, or were they holding their tongues to avoid confrontation. While most would agree that it’s our professional obligation to strive for improvement, I found myself asking, “What is the real problem?” Read the rest of the story HERE.

University of Illinois Children of Veterans Tuition Waiver Application 2017-2018

The Children of Veterans Tuition Waiver is a four-year (consecutive) tuition waiver at the University of Illinois. If you are awarded the waiver, it will cover your in-state tuition (for undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies) at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Springfield, or Health Sciences Center). The priority deadline to apply is January 3, 2017.

Click HERE for a link to the application.

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