Important ROE #41 Updates…

As you prepare to wrap-up school for the year we wanted to pass along the latest updates on the move from certification to licensure. Please take time to review these and forward to staff as some of the information is significantly different from what has been released earlier.

  • Substitute Teachers who have expiring certificates at the end of June 2013 will not be issued a Sub License. They will need to apply and register.
  • All other substitute certificate holders with a renewal 2014 and later will be extended until 2018 so they have 5 full years in which to pass the TAP. Passing this assessment is required for renewal.
  • Initial certificate holders will be issued a PEL and will have their existing registration continue until it expires. After this time they will be on a 5 year cycle. Unlike subs, an individual whose initial certificate expires this year is NOT required to apply for a license.
  • Any standard certificate holder who has a certificate expire this year should renew before June 15th. After July 1st, ELIS will not accept SOAs and individuals will need to complete the paper process.
  • [New] Paraprofessionals who have a TASN and do not want to receive the ELS may surrender their certificate by June 15th. Anyone surrendering after July 1st will not be able to apply for 10 years for another ELS – TASN. If a person surrenders the TASN for the TAS prior to July 1st, they may reapply but will pay the $75 application fee. We do not recommend having someone surrender their TASN. The application/ request to surrender is available at:
  • Paraprofessionals that keep their TASN will be issued an ELS that is registered until FY18. No registration fees will be required for this first cycle unless a person applies for an ELS – Paraprofessional TASN after July 1st. Individuals applying after July 1st will be required to pay a registration fee.
  • Please remember that no teacher with a lapsed certificate may apply for a Sub License after July 1, 2013.

You can find the most current information on licensure at our website