Learning Unlimited: 15 of the Best Apps for Improving Reading Comprehension

Comprehension – the #1 goal of reading – is always on an educator’s mind. We strive to help students improve their fluency and build rich vocabulary because we know that fluency and a broad vocabulary support comprehension.

While technology doesn’t replace a good teacher, it serves an important and emerging role in supporting student learning. Good teaching calls for differentiation and a literacy-rich learning environment that supports personalized learning.

Terry Heick, our friend at TeachThought, has compiled this list below, in an order of general complexity, of 15 apps for improved reading comprehension with skills that include word and sentence fluency, recall, reading speed, and critical thinking skills

By the nature of reading and literacy progress, most of the apps are for K-5 and SLP, but the latter several, especially Reading Trainer, Compare Twist, and Enchanted Dictionary, can be used through high school in the right context.

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