Two New Workshops Added

Madison County ROE 41 School Improvement is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new workshops:

1.) Administrator Academy: Masonic Model Student Assistance Training Program (April 29, 2015)

Presented by: Larry Newman, National Presenter for Illinois Masonic Foundation

This Administrator Academy is a one-day workshop offered in support of the Student Assistance Program. It is offered as a stand-alone workshop for Administrators who want more information on student assistance and creating a safe school

This workshop deals with the issue of at-risk youth behaviors and the concerns of Administrators, staff and community. The Administrator Academy provides participants with a proactive step-by step comprehensive plan to address today’s “people problems.” We focus on system-wide interventions for alcohol and drug abuse, conflict and bulling, stress, depression and suicide.

Participants receive time-proven and practical daily strategies which allow teachers to teach and learners to learn.

Topics covered include:
• How to create and operate an effective Student Assistance Program
• Collaborative Intervention
• RTI and Common Core and SAP
• Parent and school alliances.

We would like to emphasize that for an effective student assistance program to exist it is vital that school administrators be committed to SAP or whatever intervention model is in place. This is because the most important single factor is Core Team success is Administrator support. Administrators are given information in two subject areas regarding their Core Team(s): (1) How the Core Team will help the school and even more important; (2) how the Core Team can help the Administrators do his/her job

Fee: No charge (breakfast & lunch included) Funded by Illinois Masonic Foundation

Register online HERE

Download a flyer for this event HERE.

2.) Project Learning Tree (April 24 & June 8, 2015)

Presenter: Marvin Warner

Dates: April 24 and June 8, 2015 (you must attend both sessions)

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning multi-disciplinary science-focused program designed for teachers and other educators working with K-8 youth. Educators learn how to utilize the ninety-six multi-disciplinary activities within the award winning Guide to meet personal classroom goals. Each participant will receive a free copy of the guide ($20 value).

This training series will focus on a lesson that integrates science, math and English Language Arts to help bring Common Core Standards and STEM applications to the existing curriculum. Each activity is filled with opportunities to build critical thinking skills, incorporate technology, and use differentiated instruction.

Fee: No charge (lunch on your own)

Hours of Earned Credit : 14 (includes 4 hours of credit for lesson implementation to be completed between workshop sessions)

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Download a flyer HERE

Questions: Contact Anna Dyson at or 618-692-5560