Don’t Kick Them Out! How to Manage Defiant Student Behavior Workshop

Audience: Educators, administrators and adults whom regularly interact with at-risk youth. Dr. Jackson’s Book “Don’t Kick Them Out!” will be provided to the first 50 participants.

Topic: Suspension does not solve or correct negative student behavior!
Educators need a different approach. This seminar will empower professional educators with the knowledge, information and understanding they need to improve in school discipline practices and correct negative behaviors of at-risk students.
This empowerment seminar will discuss:
• Why At-Risk Students Get Suspended So Frequently
• Anger Management: Why students display hostile and angry dispositions
• The difference between abuse, discipline and correction
• How to communicate with at-risk students for consistent positive behavioral outcomes
• Methods of successful discipline
• Does age, gender, or race matter in the discipline process?
• How to Address Behavioral Issues of At-Risk Students
• Common Behaviors for Referrals
• The Wrong Approach To Negative Behavior
• 7 Teacher Personality Types
• Why Do Students Disrespect Teachers?
• 21 Dos & Don’ts To Solve Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Presenter: Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III is a nationally recognized school behavior consultant and therapist who specialize in at-risk student achievement and criminal behavior

Cost: $75.00 fee for open enrollment. This workshop is provided free of charge for Truants’ Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP), Regional Safe School Program (RSSP) personnel.

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