Important ISBE Change For Retirees with Lapsed Licenses

Through December 31, 2017: Any licensee who has retired, and whose license has lapsed for failure to renew, may reinstate that license without penalty by providing proof of retirement from a state retirement system to the State Board of Education through December 31, 2017. Individuals must submit a copy of a letter from a state retirement system (on official agency letterhead) confirming the individual’s retirement. The licensee’s name, IEIN, and date of birth must be included with the letter. Upon verification that the licensee is not working in a position requiring a professional educator license, the educator’s license will be reinstated.
The verification letter will be used in lieu of a $500 penalty fee or 9 semester hours of coursework.  Educators will not need to input any owed PD, and will not need to pay back or forward registration fees.
Letters may be emailed to or mailed to the Illinois State Board of Education at Educator Effectiveness Division, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL, 62777.
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Illinois Licensure – Registration and Renewal Changes

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There have been some changes to the registration and renewal process with the ISBE. Additionally, there have been some changes to professional development requirements. We have outlined the new process on the ROE 41 web site HERE.

Please don’t hesitate to call 618.296.4530 should you have any questions. You can also contact the office through our “Contact Us” page HERE.

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Regional Office of Education 41 Computer-Based Testing Center


As we continue to add great services that benefit our region, the Madison County Regional Office of Education 41 is pleased to announce that it has opened one of the most advanced computer-based Pearson Vue testing centers in Southern Illinois. The center is located in our newly remodeled building at 1314 Niedringhaus in downtown Granite City.

Exams can make a difference in people’s lives. In today’s educational environment, computer-based exams can confirm education, support professional certifications, and ascertain job and career readiness.

At the Madison County ROE 41 testing center, on-site, on-demand testing for institutions, companies, and organizations is provided covering a wide range of professional licensure exams, a host of certifications, and the GED Testing Service.

Examples of tests include: Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS), CompTIA, Novell, Cisco, Symantec, VMware, Inc., Juniper Networks, SAP, SAS, EMC, amongst hundreds of others.

As a dedicated Pearson Vue testing center, there are no distractions. The center is dedicated to one thing: the success of people testing. Testing is completed in a controlled, noise-free environment on computers. The tests are electronically submitted and graded by Pearson Testing, a nationally certified test agency. Most results are returned to the tester immediately.

If you need to take the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), test for a superintendent or principal endorsement, or take any other available ILTS exam, the new testing center will provide the environment that caters to your success.

The Regional Office of Education 41 would like to assist with your testing needs in the most professional distraction-free environment available in the area. You can count on a smooth and reliable streamlined process from check-in through results processing.

So, log in to to see the list of available tests, choose the Madison County ROE 41 Testing Center as your preferred testing site, and schedule yours today.

For more information, visit or call 618.296.4530.