Edublogs: My Growth Mindset Lessons Usually Go Well, But What I Did Today Was The Best Yet (Student Hand-Outs Included)

Larry Ferlazzo writes:

I’ve done a variety of different types of lessons over the years about a growth mindset, and you can see most of them at The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset” – along with a ton of other related resources.

The one I did today, though, was probably the best one yet.

Our school emphasizes Social Emotional Learning, and a growth mindset is our focus for September.  A number of us are responsible for giving formal SEL lessons to our classes, while other teachers are provided with professional development about how to support it in their classes.

Today, I did the lesson with my English Language Learner United States History class.  Truth-be-told, I was probably a bit more motivated than usual to do something new and creative for two reasons  – one, because, even though the lesson I had done for the past two years was a good one, I a bit tired of it and, two, members of the California State Board of Education were coming in to observe it.

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Schools: What’s the Real Problem?

From Robert Schuetz’s “Knocking the Arrow” blog:

During a recent leadership meeting, a respected, but frequently vocal colleague began venting his frustration about a few of the problems he perceived in our school; apathetic students, lack of consistency, lack of respect, and poor achievement. I looked around at the faces in the conference room wondering if others agreed with this assessment, or were they holding their tongues to avoid confrontation. While most would agree that it’s our professional obligation to strive for improvement, I found myself asking, “What is the real problem?” Read the rest of the story HERE.

NEW! – School District Search Tool

Most school district offices receive countless phone calls from families wanting to know which district is the correct district for them. The Madison County IT department has a new interactive map site called, “My School”. The link to the new map is HERE.

The instructions are simple. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear.  Simply enter the address, and that’s it. The map will “fly” to the address and the correct school district information (including the Jr. college district) will be listed across the bottom of the page.

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TeachThought Animation: The Role Of Empathy In Learning

Learning has to start and end with the self: What do I know, and how can I relate to the world around me?

If successful it should, by design, result in personal and social change through a combination of self-direction, reflection, and collaboration with ideas and the people who have them. Which brings us to empathy.

The role of empathy in learning has to do with the flow of both information and creativity. A dialogic interaction with the world around us requires us to understand ourselves by understanding the needs and condition of those around us. It also encourages us to take collective measurements rather than those singular, forcing us into an intellectual interdependence that catalyzes other subtle but powerful tools of learning.

Empathy and outrospection are tools not simply of emotional interdependence, but “radical social change.” Roman Krznaric theorizes that the 20th century is the age of introspection, but the 21st is one of “stepping outside ourselves” to experience the world through other perspectives, something increasingly important in an uber-connected society.

How might you frame tomorrow’s lesson or your next project-based learning unit if you want the student to seamlessly transition between other perspectives and their own?

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ASCD Inservice: Where to Find Apps for Educators

The odds are good that you – or, at least, several of your colleagues – got a new tablet or smartphone over the holiday season, and are looking to fill it up with the magical mix of apps to make life and work easier and better. With countless apps on the market, these may be elusive, but there are a variety of solid directories, review-based blogs, and lists to dig into and share with your staff to make the odds of success greater.


edutopia blog: Empathy – The Most Important Back-to-School Supply

My most important back-to-school supply doesn’t fit in a backpack, and it can’t be ordered online. It’s as essential as a pencil, but unlike a pencil, no technology can replace it. In a sense, like a fresh box of crayons, it can come in many colors. Better than the latest gadget, it’s possible to equip every student with it, and even better, when we do, it can transform our world.

It’s actually a “muscle” I’ve been working on all summer. It’s empathy.