Mind/Shift: How Making Art Helps Teens Better Understand Their Mental Health

moodmandala-768x464The benefits of art in a child’s education are widespread. Art can help kids express themselves and understand the world around them. Art is usually a hands-on experience and fun. For low-income students, studies have found that kids who have more arts education in school see long-term benefits by both academic and social standards.

Tori Wardrip, an art teacher at Lewis and Clark Middle School in Billings, Montana, wanted to explore the benefits of art more deeply while addressing some of the mental health issues she saw students experiencing.

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KQED Mindshift: Teaching Respect and Responsibility — Even to Digital Natives

We’re about to give your fourteen-year-old a computer,” Michael Allen recently told a group of parents attending a new student orientation, “and here’s why it could scare you.” Then Allen, the principal of no-textbook New Tech High School, said he understood their biggest fears: the new sites and technologies that crop up all the time, kids multitasking while doing schoolwork, the reality of parents’ lack of control over what their kids see and how they behave online.


Congratulations To The Madison County Teacher Retirees!


Chyrel Wessel, first-grade teacher, Summit Elementary

Sue Mersinger, speech, Kreitner Elementary

Jean Dayton, principal, Caseyville Elementary

Karen Eastby, Title I teacher, Kreitner Elementary

Mary Ann Himstedt, speech, Renfro Elementary

Linda Amizich, Title I teacher, Webster Elementary

Patsy Conway, sixth-grade teacher, Dorris Intermediate

Linda Kaspar, PE teacher, Collinsville Middle School

Bonnie Meyer, psychologist, Collinsville School District

Donald Cox, social science teacher, Collinsville Middle School

Janet Laswell, educational assistant, Kreitner Elementary

Diane Miller, educational assistant, Collinsville High School

Ivah Eldridge, educational assistant, Collinsville High School

Nancy Johnson, educational assistant, Dorris Intermediate

Susan Shurtz, educational assistant, Webster Elementary

Betty Moore, monitor, Collinsville Middle School

Sheila Berry, educational assistant, Collinsville School District

Ruth Hawkins, computer support specialist, Summit and Jefferson Elementary

Timothy Hasamear, groundskeeper, Collinsville High School

Luanne Calza, secretary, annex

Maureen Provence, first-grade teacher, Twin Echo Elementary

Kerry Slaughter, custodian, Collinsville High School

Shirley Clark, secretary, Webster Elementary

Robert Stehman, auto body teacher, Collinsville Area Vocational Center

Rebecca Lewis, educational assistant, Dorris Intermediate

Bonnie Krupp, sixth-grade teacher, Dorris Intermediate

Dana Clayton, health occupations, Collinsville High School

Peggy Dial, fourth-grade teacher, Renfro Elementary

Renee Schiber, English teacher, Collinsville High School

Elizabeth Pindell, health aide, Maryville Elementary

Diane Moore, educational assistant, Maryville Elementary

Tony Waligorski, custodian, Caseyville Elementary

Dave Muniz, warehouse, supervisor, Collinsville School District


Laura Kraner, educational assistant

Rick Everage, administrator, Edwardsville High

Judy Albus, teacher, Edwardsville High

Alana Bussmann, teacher, Worden Elementary

Mary Daniels, teacher, Edwardsville High

Kay Hymel, teacher, Edwardsville High

Nancy Sellers, teacher, Edwardsville High

Linda Grinter, teacher, Lincoln Middle School

Greg Wolk, teacher, Lincoln Middle School

Christopher Zimmer, teacher, Liberty Middle School

Debbie Gates, teacher, Cassens Elementary

Kathy Lask, teacher, Goshen Elementary

Tim Allen, social worker, Leclaire Elementary

Genie Vuagniaux, nurse, Leclaire Elementary

H. Cathy Ward, teacher, Leclaire Elementary

Cynthia Huppert, social worker, Worden Elementary

Susan Short, speech therapist, Midway

Charlene Staden, teacher, Edwardsville High

Sheryl Burian, secretary, Edwardsville High

Brenda Campbell, educational assistant, Edwardsville High

Kathi Shannon, secretary, Edwardsville High

Virginia Nowak, secretary, Lincoln Middle School

Kimberly Grebel, educational assistant, Lincoln Middle School

Granite City

Harry A. Briggs Jr., superintendent

L. Rebecca Cooper, teacher, Mitchell

Joyce Curran, teacher, Grigsby

Debra Garland, teacher, Niedringhaus

Donald K. Harris, teacher, Granite City High School

Linda Logan, principal, Maryville

Vicki Morgan, teacher, Frohardt

Paul Mihalich, teacher, Granite City High School

Elizabeth Nicol, teacher, Worthen

Sharon Reader, teacher, Mitchell

Martha Steiner, teacher, Grigsby

Carol Sturdivant, teacher, Granite City High School

Michael Vorce, teacher, Maryville

Deborah Wallis, teacher, Niedringhaus

Kathleen Web, secretary, Early Childhood

Patricia Becker, teacher aide, Frohardt

Deborah Fishwick, physical therapist, Prather

Norma Kacera, secretary, board office

Debra Mahony, PTA, Prather

Daniel Penrod, custodian, Granite City High School

Ron Stern, director of secondary education, school district


Theodore Cipicchio, business/P.E. teacher, Highland High School

Nina Cleveland, art teacher, Alhambra Primary, Highland Primary, New Douglas Mid-Elementary and Highland Elementary

Kathryn Genczo, second-grade teacher, Alhambra Primary

Nancy Horrell, fourth-grade teacher, Highland Elementary

Barbara Kay, social studies teacher, Highland High

Deborah Keeven, third-grade teacher, New Douglas Mid-Elementary

Dawn MacMillan, special education teacher, Highland Elementary

Penny Malisia, program assistant, Highland Primary

Kim Newton, supervisor, Lindenthal Campus

Lynnette Newton, assistant superintendent, Highland School District

Jon Rinderer, fourth-grade teacher, New Douglas Mid-Elementary

Donna Suhre, principal, Alhambra Primary and Grantfork Upper Elementary


Eleanor Armour, security, MSSC

Jackie Snell, secretary, Madison Senior High

Deborah Reeves, secretary, Long Elementary

Charles Massie, teacher, Madison Senior High

Don Wallace, teacher, Madison Senior High


Gerald Barber, transportation director, Wakeland

Elizabeth Enloe, teacher, Triad Middle School

Sharon Estes, teacher, Triad High School

Jeffrey Faulkenberg, assistant principal/athletic director, Triad High School

Michael Frey, maintenance, district

Virginia Frey, teacher, C.A. Henning

Bonnie Hill, teacher, Triad High School

Jane Kueker, custodian, St. Jacob Elementary

Linda Lowery, paraprofessional, Triad Middle School

James Merrell, custodian, C.A. Henning

Kenneth Miller, business manager, district

Diana Molitor, secretary, Silver Creek

Theresa Morrison, teacher, C.A. Henning

Patricia Packard, teacher, Triad High School

Mary Reinacher, secretary, district

Donna Roth, teacher, Triad Middle School

Gary Rufer, maintenance, district

Susan Schneider, teacher, Silver Creek

Michael Straub, custodian, Silver Creek

Barbara Netzer, teacher, Silver Creek

Nita Jean Thompson, teacher, Triad Middle School

Barbara Tillman, teacher, St. Jacob Elementary

Stephanie Tracy, bus driver, district

Frank Villa, teacher, Triad High School

CNN Opinion & Video: The Courage of Teachers

(LZ Granderson – CNN) — Each day more than 55 million students attend the country’s 130,000 schools.

Each day, parents and guardians entrust some 7 million teachers with the education of our children.

And on a normal day, that is all we expect teachers to do — teach.

But on those not-so normal days we are reminded that for six hours a day and more, five days a week, teaching is not the only thing teachers are charged with doing. On those not-so-normal days, we are reminded that teachers are also asked to be surrogate parents, protectors, heroes.

Monday was one of those not-so-normal days.


Chicago Tribune: iPads for Everyone at New Trier

ipadforblogNew Trier High School is embracing a future with more e-books and iPads — and fewer old-fashioned text books. But not all parents in the district are thrilled with having to pony up extra money for the gadgets.

“We’re in a wealthy district, but you can’t assume that everyone’s wealthy,” said Mary Rita Kropp, a New Trier parent who addressed the school board on the topic at a meeting this week.