Tech 2018 – There’s Still Time To Register!

I wanted to remind you that TECH 2018 Applications are still open. Please share with colleagues.
Each year, hundreds of students and teachers from across Illinois come together at the State Capitol Building in Springfield to speak with legislators about the innovative ways in which they use technology to enhance student learning. The resulting student technology showcase continues to impress upon our state legislators the importance of developing a plan to promote adequate, equalized and reliable funding to meet school technology needs. Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) invites you to be part of this year’s event – TECH 2018.
Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 9, 2018. All demonstrations are scheduled to take place from 9:30am-11:30am or 1:00pm-3:00pm on Thursday, May 10, 2018.
Tim McIlvain

Director, Learning Technology Centers
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eSchool News: 5 big takeaways from redesigning learning spaces

interactive-classroom-600x400The U.S. Department of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education had already recognized our schools in Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96 in southern Lake County, Illinois, for academic excellence. Still, our district administrators recognized several years ago that significant changes needed to be made to our classrooms, and better technology needed to be acquired, in order to help our students develop the skills mandated by today’s educational standards including effective communication and collaboration.

To that end, we turned our attention to rethinking and redesigning our classroom learning spaces to fit the 21st century needs of our students.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers

Explore this new practical guide created by Dr. Todd Taylor, Professor of English at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers is a rich online resource for students who want to tackle their academic work in innovative, digital ways and teachers in all disciplines who want to incorporate digital assignments into their coursework.

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Mind/Shift: How Can Schools Prioritize for the Best Ways Kids Learn?

The education world is full of incremental change — the slow process of individuals learning about new strategies and approaches, trying them out, improving on their skills, and hopefully sharing their learning with colleagues to continue growth. While that process is necessary and good, if the changes to education are all in the service of doing the same thing better, they may be missing the point. The world has changed since education became compulsory and the current moment necessitates an education system that isn’t just better, but different.

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ROE 41 Announces Summer STEM Camp in Troy, IL

ROE 41 is proud to announce they will be conducting a 1 week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camp for those going into 2nd through 6th grades. The camp will be held at the ROE’s CEO school in Troy, IL (map) June 13th through the 17th. The cost is only $25.00 which includes a free t-shirt. Click the link to head to the ROE STEM web page for more details about the camp and to register:

Please Share: ROE 41 Presents “Camp Invention 2015” for First Through Sixth Graders (June 15-19, 2015)

Camp Invention is an experience unlike any other summer enrichment program for first through sixth graders. At Camp Invention, children question everything and realize they’re capable of anything. Creative challenges bring critical concepts to life each day at Camp Invention. Our programs are led by qualified educators who are dedicated to motivating each child. No other camp has the support of organizations so committed to the spirit of invention.

Please help spread the word about this exciting Summer camp to be held in Troy, IL at the Center for Educational Opportunities school. (map)

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Scholarships Available!

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses the Center for Educational Opportunities (CEO) will be offering scholarships in the form of rebates to attendees of the 2015 Camp Invention. The funds the sponsors donate will be equally divided among camp participants and distributed at Camp Invention’s conclusion.

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(The date of our camp is June 15-19, 2015.)

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The ROE 41 web page about Camp Invention 2015 is HERE.

KQED Mindshift: Beyond the iPad – Schools’ Choices In Tablets Grow

Just a couple of short years ago, the presence of tablets in schools was an exceptional phenomenon. This year, as students across the country go back to school, the presence of tablets is far more common in classrooms. Though it’s definitely not the norm yet, many more schools and districts are investing in the devices for a variety of reasons.

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for publisher Pearson showed that, while 44 percent of kids are using some kind of tablet for learning, 92 percent of kids surveyed believe that using a tablet in school will change how they learn in the future. And 90 percent of students said using a tablet makes learning more fun.


Google Docs: Grading Tips & Tricks

Article by Catlin Tucker, Honors English Teacher

Google docs has made it possible for me to go paperless. The decision to remove paper from my life has been liberating! Whenever I train teachers, I share my enthusiasm for a paperless classroom. My cries of joy and excitement are sometimes met with grunts and skeptical looks. I’ve met several teachers using Google docs, who still collect hard copies of assignments and essays to grade by hand. They are concerned that grading online will take longer than grading by hand. I disagree.

I want to share three tips and tricks I’ve used to make grading digital writing more efficient than hand grading student work.

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